our mission

The National Parks of Europe Initiative

Our goal is simple: Through building the first digital overview of all national parks on the European continent, we aim to encourage local and sustainable travel, promote nature preservation and diversify the outdoors. In doing so, we want to become your alternative, non-commercial guide for truly sustainable travel and help preserve and protect our national parks for generations to come. Providing you with all of the tools, info and itineraries you need to go explore, we also aim to help spread knowledge of ecology and local customs and bring more diversity to the outdoor community. In a nutshell, we’ve launched this initiative to share our excitement for outdoor adventures — and to make the outdoors accessible for all.

our values

Everything we do is out of respect for nature and the environment. We believe in slow, sustainable and local travel to minimise the impact we have on the planet. Whether it’s by reducing our carbon footprint or taking more care of our health and environment, we’re always learning to do better.


We’re bursting with passion for the outdoors, the environment and our fellow human beings. We translate this passion into fun adventures that are accessible to all. We’re inspired by others who share this spirit and spread our excitement through inspiring stories.


The outdoors belongs to all of us, regardless of your skin, size, abilities or background. We hope to create a diverse and empowered outdoor community that spans the European continent. We also hold the utmost respect for local identities and customs and seek to build bridges between communities throughout Europe. 


Our search for adventure and knowledge is fuelled by our curiosity. As a result, we publish reliable and transparent information. As we’re continually learning, our door is always open for any suggestions, updates or requests.

In today’s age, Europe’s green spaces are more vital than ever.

They care for our wellbeing, help us fight climate change

and provide a home to millions of animals.

what to expect

Get inspired

In our comprehensive park guides, you will find all the info you need on your favourite national parks, such as overviews on wildlife, local flora, and how you can get there. This information is always complemented with tips on how to best experience the parks.

Our inspiring stories will motivate you to get out of the door. Get to know everyday heroes who keep our parks safe, learn how to survive any adventure, help us find sustainable solutions for today’s challenges, and read surprising stories from everyday travellers.

Our platform is open to guest bloggers and volunteers who form a community of like-minded nature enthusiasts with their own passions and talents. They share their experiences and tips and help us make the areas and activities more accessible to everyone.

If you’re interested in writing something for us, feel free to send us an e-mail.

our itineraries

Plan your next trip

While Hollywood may have sold the idea that it’s only found in the American West, the greatest adventures ever told were experienced right at home — wherever that might be. This is something we strongly believe in, yet we recognise that it’s also something many of us in Europe have forgotten. So that’s what we’re here to do: To show that you don’t need to fly long haul to have the time of your life. The most beautiful things you’ve ever seen can be found right at your doorstep.

All the experiences we highlight on this platform are budget-friendly and sustainable. They are situated in the beautiful national parks of Europe and accessible to all. We cater for adventures of any size: whether you’re an experienced rock climber or a beginner who’s afraid of heights, an Olympic medal winner looking for some peace and quiet or a city girl going thru-hiking with a tiny tent. No matter your level of experience, we’re here for you.

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the team

Who we are

National Parks of Europe was founded by Anneleen Ophoff, a regular Belgian girl who fell in love with nature. Combining her experience as a journalist and storyteller with her passion for the outdoors, she launched the initiative in June 2020. Sander Legrand, from Gravual, designed the logo and the website while Welsh copywriter Craig Taylor turns our dreams into words.

We’re proud of the amount of work we put into our research, design, community-building and images. And so far, everything has been self-funded. To enable us to continue to grow the initiative, we collaborate with national parks, sustainable organisations and European brands. These may sponsor a park guide or a story. But don’t worry: Our ethics and integrity are close to our heart, so we’ll always be sure to let you know which content/collaborations are sponsored.

If you’re interested in collaborating, consider supporting us.