Lovcen National Park, Montenegro


10.5 km, loop


3 hours



Why you should do this route

Wolf Trail is an absolutely gorgeous hike during any season. I’ve walked the trail under a blazing summer sun, but the forest turns a stunning shade of dark orange in autumn and according to the local tourism office, the trail resembles a winter wonderland when it snows. The trail is looped, mostly flat and fairly short, with 10,5 kilometers in total, and has numerous stunning viewpoints. The scenery changed multiple times throughout the hike – you walk through the valley, forest, village, and rocky hills. The two main points are the village of Dolovi and the peak of Babina Glava (1474 m). On the summit, you’ll be rewarded with a truly stunning view of Budva Riviera, the Tivat mountain and Boka Bay.

The southern part of Lovcen National park has a lot of wildlife, including bears and wolves – hence the name of the trail. Don’t worry, you won’t encounter any wild animals in the area with hiking trails.

Wolf trail in Lovcen National Park

Additional information

You can drive to Lovcen National Park and park your car at Ivanov Konok Hotel, close to where the trail starts. There’s a visitor center nearby that sells maps – it is also the only place where you’ll be able to get a hiking map. You can also rent hiking poles, snowshoes, or bikes at the visitor’s center. You can also hire a guide as well.

Left of Ivanov Konok Hotel is an asphalt street that goes to Dolovi. After 10 minutes of walking, you see a trail to the left with an information sign of the Wolf Trail. This is where you have to decide whether you do the loop clockwise or counterclockwise. The peaks are pretty close from here if you follow the trail on the left. If you decide to follow the street, you’ll go through the small village of Dolovi first. As there is no shade in Dolovi, I suggest starting the trail here under the cooler morning sun.

The trail is well maintained and mostly marked but it has a few smaller side trails that go into the wilderness. Trust your gut and not only the signs: they don’t always point in the right direction or you’ll find two signposts with the same destinations but different lengths, which is extremely confusing.

Make sure to have back-up navigation in hand in case you miss some of the signs. Phone service is mostly good.

There are several spring water sources. So, you don’t need to bring too much water.

Although it’s a bit colder up in the mountains, the sun will still hit you hard around noon. So, start early and dress in layers.

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Parking lot

42.379171, 18.832054

Start of the trail

42.377375, 18.8322794

Dolovi village

42.377216, 18.823895

Climb to Babina Glava

42.364097, 18.82699

Babina Glava

42.35622, 18.823071

Sidetrail to viewpoint (possible extension of the hike)

42.371, 18.839459

End of the trail

42.377375, 18.8322794