Durmitor National Park, Montenegro


4.3 km, loop


1.5 hours



Why you should do this hike

Tired from previous adventures or wary of crowds? A hike to this glacial lake in Durmitor national park is the perfect length for a microadventure. The bright green lake lies beautifully at the foot of the mountain Crvena Greda in the northern part of the park. An optional extra hike up to mountain top gives you a spectacular view on the lake, the surrounding forest and the Durmitor mountain range.

The trek is mostly flat, going through the forest and pastures. On your way, you will see countless of butterflies or gaze at the peaks above, accompanied by birds singing. You might even find wild mushrooms and other edible plants!

Additional information

Drive up the Panoramic road and park your car at the start of the trail, or combine this short hike with a hike up/down from the Black Lake.

Locals and tourists alike love to have picnics at the lake, so plan your trek accordingly. Most people start it a bit after ten. In summer periods, it can get crowded.

The water is ice cold but good for swimming if you’re a daredevil (without heart conditions).

The weather in the mountains is very unpredictable. I went in mid-August and a massive hailstorm forced me to keep the hike short and go hide in the car.

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Start of the trail

43.169433, 19.080767

A mess of trails, go right

43.167691, 19.078235

Junction: lake or peak

43.167616, 19.064612

Jablan Lake

43.166942, 19.060803

Loop back

43.166656, 19.067180

Return to the main path

43.167616, 19.064612

Almost there

43.167691, 19.078235

You did it!

43.169433, 19.080767