Lake Skadar National Park, Montenegro


3 km, to be extended as you wish


1 hour



Why you should do this route

In the midst of a sea of blue, the ruins of fortress Grmozur rise from the waters. The abandoned prison is also known as Montenegrin Alcatraz or as the island of snakes and lies only 1.2 km from the shore, although you will most likely kayak as much as you please. Lake Skadar is the largest lake in the Balkan and one of Europe’s most important sanctuaries for birds, some of them endangered. There’s nothing like gliding across the calm waters of the national park, bird spotting and soaking in the sun. 

Along the way you’ll be able to jump out and swim, explore tiny lilypad lined shores and watch the native wildlife without scaring it away.

fortress Grmozur on Lake Skadar
fortress Grmozur on Lake Skadar
fortress Grmozur on Lake Skadar
fortress Grmozur on Lake Skadar

Additional information

Close to the valley of Godinje, take a back road that takes you to one of the few beaches along the shore of Lake Skadar. It is a public beach with a new restaurant where you can try some fresh fish if you want – but don’t feel obliged to do so.

If you don’t bring your own kayak or packraft, you can hire one from the restaurant’s owners. 

The best time for kayaking here is between April and November, when the weather will be warmest. Breeding season takes place during spring, when you’ll witness lots of activity and mating rituals out on the lake. 

The lake gets very warm during the summer months and hovers around 26° C.

Do it yourself

Start of the back road

42.222615, 19.122619

Park your car

42.225055, 19.12347

The beach

42.226973, 19.125687

Fortress Grmozur

42.236496, 19.132257