How to submit your favorite routes

We want to know all about your latest hikes, rides, kayak trips or climbs in the places we’re so passionate about. By sharing our knowledge, we build a comprehensive overview of adventures of any size. If you’ve had an epic experience in one of Europe’s national parks, share the details with us.

Reading this before you’re heading out?

Follow these steps so you can easily share your adventure afterward:

  1. Check if you’re going to a National Park. Though we love and value all types of nature, this website is solely dedicated to National Parks in Europe. You can find the full list here.
  2. Track your route with an app such as Komoot or Outdoor Active, save it on their platform and share the url with us. If you’d rather go old school: send us a picture of a map or detailed coordinates so others can create their route.
  3. Write down how long the route was (in kilometers)
  4. Write down how long it took you (in hours)
  5. Let us know where you started and ended
  6. Look around you: why should others do this route?
  7. Think about additional information: signage, clean water springs, dangers on the route, bins or picnic areas, accessibility for wheelchair users or families with children, …
  8. Take 3 – 6 pictures to upload with your adventure.
  9. Have fun!