Let's team up for nature preservation and sustainable travels

Through our stories and adventures, we are building a new outdoor community that holds ecology, accessibility and preservation close to its heart. Offering the first digital overview of our national parks, we enhance knowledge of nature in Europe and work towards a green future together.

To cover the costs of our initiative, we collaborate with parks, sustainable projects and European brands to share the best stories from Europe’s most amazing places. Find a collaboration that works for you and contact us to find out more.

Sponsor a national park

Over the course of the next months, we will give all national parks in Europe a place on this website. We work together with professional copywriters and talented photographers. Sponsor a page of your favourite park to help us cover these costs.

Collaborate on adventures

Help us publish the best adventures by bringing us to your national park. Cycling, hiking, climbing or diving: we’ll be happy to review and promote existing routes — or even carve out some new ones.

The story of our gear

No one leaves for an adventure without their favourite gear stuffed in a backpack. And Europe is home to several sustainable outdoor brands. In our stories, we’ll review sustainable gear that helps you make the best of every trip.

Buy our products

We’re working on a set of products that’d make ideal birthday or Christmas presents. Coming up: Bamboo picnic sets in pouches from recycled fabric, a map featuring all of Europe’s national parks, and a handy travel logbook. Contact us for custom designs and other products.