Biesbosch National Park, The Netherlands


28.2 km, loop


Full day



submitted by: Anneleen Ophoff

pictures by: Anneleen Ophoff

Why you should do this route

This long loop will take you through the diverse options of landscape the park has to offer and passes both beaver lodges and white-tailed eagle nesting grounds. Chances are high you’ll see egrets, bitterns and kingfishers, ospreys and migrating ducks.
The water levels in the Biesbosch are tidal, so visitors who spend more than a few hours touring the park can witness mudflats turn into mangroves when the water rises.

You can rent canoes and kayaks at the marina that is the starting point of this loop, but beware: this route is not for the inexperienced. While the waters on the Biesbosch are always calm, the total distance of this loop will require quite some stamina.

How to follow the route

Additional information

The route passes by swaths of drained and cultivated land called “polders”. At km 13, moor at a watchtower on one of such polders, Polder Turfzakken, for a view over the park. If you want to stretch your legs, follow the walking path and watch the herd of Highland cows that graze several islands in the national park.

Don’t disturb the animals: always keep 25 meters away from them and put dogs on a leash. If the herd is divided along different sides of the path, never cross in between the flock. While Highlander cows are very tolerant, they can panic and run wild when disturbed.

There are no stores in the park, nor is there a lot of water supply. Bring enough food and drinks to spend the day.

Two spots in the national park allow for wildcamping, with the route passing by one at ‘Jonge Deen‘.

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Parking lot and bus stop

53.080739, -4.020499

Get off the Pyg Track, onto Crib Goch on your right

53.076934, -4.041660

Mount Snowdon

53.068520, -4.076265

Follow along the Miner’s Track on your right

53.070682, -4.039101